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Frequently Asked Questions


How to choose Currencies?

Choosing the proper currency and the most favorable moment adds to the requirements for success, as well. This is part of a trading strategy you should have. There are several strategies which can be used while trading on Forex, and if correctly used, they can shortly bring you serious amounts of money. As Forex differs from stock trading, the strategies also differ.


Why choose our courses?

Among the tools you can work with on Forex, charts are the most important, allowing you to make an idea of the trends, and forecast a certain currency value. Being able to read various charts is also a necessity. You should know that charts are daily, hourly, for a 15-minute period or even for 5-minute timing. If you can compare the data you can spot the trends and thus reduce the risks.


What is leverage?

The leverage strategy on Forex trading allows the investor to borrow money for the purpose of increasing the potential of earning. It is among the frequently used strategies for profit maximization on Forex market. But there is a high level of risk that can be involved. To minimize it stop loss orders are available. You can make use of them to reduce both risk and loss.


How can TrainingTechBase benefit you?

If you see the currency value that you want to sell goes down, and you did not sale currency in the hope of rise in price again. Do not make such mistakes; sell the currency at the first time when its value decline as there are more bright chances of further decrease in currency value. That is how you would be able to lessen more loss.